Show "le Génie du vin"

Auction of 10 bottles of exceptional vintage Champagne during the evening.

This evening will be set to music by Olivia Begyn and her Trio

Spectacle will be provided by Sylvie Malys "wine" woman show .

This wine woman show reveals the secrets of three enemy friends.
Confidences and betrayals are the ingredients of this playful comedy of words with a tannic taste that remain long in the mouth. This funny and refreshing show delights and enthralls the viewer.
To taste without moderation !


  • 20h00 : Home of the evening on the site of the medieval castle
    (Internet reservation only - limited places).

Treat yourself to a weekend in the Champagne vineyards

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Address2, place des Etats-Unis

Phone+33 (0)3 23 835 114

DatesSaturday 21 october 2017
Sunday 22 october 2017

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